Friday, June 10, 2011

...friday already?!

well...amazingly, the days fly by and sometimes, one can get caught up in moments spent doing intentional things without thought...or letting hours pass as i am looking for old/new siding for my studio get the idea, i'm sure.  yes, it's been a week of seeking and no, i'm not referring to wanting more than i have because i am really very content and grateful with the 'haves' in my life.  however, as a recent new acquaintence put it, the search is much of the joy in the in reclaimed lumber & architectural beauties such as a lovely unique sconce...
so, the studio keeps unfolding...and She,  (yes, she) seems to have been given a name by K...somehow i need to incorporate said name into the future too...louise?  really?  we'll see, but for now, i smile when i hear her being called by name.  as for the practical pieces of where 'she's' at, here's a couple of photos...

after lots of conversation with various people including my 3 sons. ideas & energy say i'm excited and anticipating a wonderful space is a vast understatement.  the electrician and i just had more conversation as i've clarified my vision, so...a few revisions to the original overview.  the intention of this space remains true...a place for creating, being, breathing, engaging and embracing life...leaning into life...with intention!
                                        Breathe in the moments...fellow adventurers~

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