Thursday, November 10, 2011

so, moves on~

it's been awhile and life has moved's begun for some in my family...autumn leaves are falling...the art studio evolves into a new look, refreshed but still embracing the old charm of the 100+ years it's been here.  i am fortunate to be a part of helping to create this space and am ever grateful for the people who have helped bring it this far...of late, the doors, block windows and new finish to the sheet-rocked walls add a really wonderful touch along with the trim around all the doors & windows--lovely with their hemlock frames!  soon, i'll be able to move my art supplies, easel, tables & shelves into the space and set create & see what evolves!  i can hardly wait-- this has been awhile coming and it's shaped up so wonderfully with just a few final things yet to do...

otherwise,  leaves are being raked & music is playing--and changing with the seasons.  at this house, often, holiday music begins before the neighbors might...but i've always thought that if i don't begin early, time moves so quickly, i'll miss the whole experience and i love the process!  college apps are being filled out with an 18th birthday soon here--amazing that the years have flown from a scary now!  what a delight to be a part of all the adventures of life--who knows what's next?  i've had the opportunity to go away--to visit family in california, helping move from one house to another and watch the home unfold in the new locale...go off in other directions to visit, help & spend time with family and friends who live afar...i am honored to be included~ 

for this season which is upon us, i give thanks...while i love the season of thanksgiving and all it includes, i think, often, of how grateful i am each day--for the little moments, the big surprises, the challenges & the joys...for all of this & more, i am grateful~

...'being' is enough

somedays, 'being' is all there is...and yet, believe it or not, 'being' is an active participation of life. for me, 'being,' is about participating--a presence and active & integral reality of active living...not just floating through life in a haze.  today, i've been touched by a dear friend's loss yet again...and reminded, too, of how important the active participation in life is for each of us.  what a privilege it is to be our best selves through the active 'being' with our journey.  each one of us can choose how that's going to look--no, we cannot make all things difficult flee...but really, the presence of challenge in our lives is what sometimes gives perspective and added beauty to the rest of our life.  so, back to the thought about choosing...

how we face 'what is' speaks volumes about who we are.  we can make the difficult be the focus...or it can be what gives other parts of life perspective...teaching us lessons, reminding us of something-- the potential of life...and multitudes of other things; however, as life is full of joy & challenge, we can choose how we're going to respond to all of that -- will we allow the challenge and difficulty to be the powerful directive of who we are, define us if you will or will we see all things as a part of the whole journey and thereby, simply that--a part and not what has to drive our lives.  i love that each of us have a choice about our lives--if not each and every actual happening, rather, the ultimate choice--what am I going to do about with what comes my way--how am i choosing to respond to life?  that is MY choice and 'being' is enough~