Friday, July 13, 2012

opportunities of gratitude

i sit in the loft of my studio, lovely music playing & cool breezes from the fan creating a wonderful, peace-filled time...i am quiet.  listening to the beauty of the various instruments playing, the music touches deep within me...reading there, words of incredible reminder of the life i choose to live, the lives others seek and find to live...the opportunities & privilege we have to live our best lives.  do we take that opportunity and live that responsibility well?  i'm not thinking of 'the list' of what we're 'to do' to live a successful life...rather, i'm referring to the best life I am called to out my path, honorably, truly, gratefully and with joy.  whatever my path calls me to, do i do it within that framework knowing that's the journey of a life well-lived?

my youngest son heads off to college in less than 6 weeks...i will miss him at a depth i've not oft felt before...he is my bright, youngest, favorite, of 3 favorite sons.  as i sit in the loft, i am thinking of him moving on to college...the beauty and adventure that lie ahead for him and i am so happy for him!  what a great opportunity is his to head off, taking his loving spirit, his bright mind, his inquisitive and creative nature off to seek new and different opportunities and ideas many of which haven't even crossed his mind before.  yes, i'm very excited for him to have this life.   i am also very grateful for his being the ongoing presence in my life through the past 18 years. one of the things i'm most grateful for is his encouraging me, reminding me and,  sometimes,calling me out to be the person i think & say i am...thank you, youngest son. i will miss you, yes.  but more, i'm happy for you~

reflections on a day in May...

while this is, at this point in the summer, a reflection on a previous time, i want to share it as it holds something to be grateful for, think about, be with... peace~

having the privilege of taking a nap on a warm spring afternoon is a gift...yesterday, not only did i get to do such an outrageously, luxuriant thing, but i was joined by my sweet little cat, Sammie~  she is quite the gal! what a serendipitous gift she's been joining our lives almost 3 years ago as a wee mite.

a hammock was our setting...the warm spring breezes were blowing--not too hot, not too cold--just right.  Sammie chose to be restful with her 'mama' in the hammock, and we both fell asleep--what a delightful time of being.  i learn alot from her...some lessons i may not want to look at but nevertheless, there they are.  so i seek to learn & be the best i am and, within that context, realize my best changes all the time...and that's an amazing and beautiful realization for me~