Friday, July 13, 2012

reflections on a day in May...

while this is, at this point in the summer, a reflection on a previous time, i want to share it as it holds something to be grateful for, think about, be with... peace~

having the privilege of taking a nap on a warm spring afternoon is a gift...yesterday, not only did i get to do such an outrageously, luxuriant thing, but i was joined by my sweet little cat, Sammie~  she is quite the gal! what a serendipitous gift she's been joining our lives almost 3 years ago as a wee mite.

a hammock was our setting...the warm spring breezes were blowing--not too hot, not too cold--just right.  Sammie chose to be restful with her 'mama' in the hammock, and we both fell asleep--what a delightful time of being.  i learn alot from her...some lessons i may not want to look at but nevertheless, there they are.  so i seek to learn & be the best i am and, within that context, realize my best changes all the time...and that's an amazing and beautiful realization for me~

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