Wednesday, May 2, 2012

being present...

in the past few months, it seems there have been more than the usual amount of health-issue stories touching people i know...people who discover they have advanced cancer, someone's parent has early-stage Alzheimer' who has struggled for many years with addiction and sadness let's go and goes onto what's next...people in their fifties having complications from medical procedures or low-quality medical care and pass...sadness can overtake one's psychological make-up if one dwells on the trauma...drama...challenge.

in the midst of all this, where does one find some solace, peace, respite of one's spirit?  when even people who lean into skepticism reflect about end of the world activities, i pause and reflect and weigh in...i want to live a life of presence no matter what's happening...and yes, i have been deeply touched by most, if not all, of the examples listed above.  will, however, any of those tragedies be less difficult if i allow my life to become unhinged?  if i quit trying to live my life to my best abilities--will that make the hurt less? doesn't living fully mean feeling the sadness, embracing the loss while living in the midst?

in some communities, such as in Sendai, where a huge and devastating tsunami occurred just over a year ago, friends living there reflected with me and told me that one of the best ways, as a culture, they honor those lost in tragic events like this is to pick up, keep living, build again, continue on...for them, this honors, in the best way with respect & dignity, the loss & the life.  how do we, as people in this country, honor the tragedies but not live for the drama?  how have we contributed, as a society, to a less positive and more challenge-driven people?  do we, in any way,  see life as so black and white that either we become mired in the tragedy and cannot move forward or we seek the drama and challenge and 'live for the next one'?  what does that say about us?   what does that say about of us--as ultimately, it is each of us individually who have to choose how we live and respond to life?

if i choose to live in the present, in the midst of difficulty & trouble and yet find calm in my heart, what does that say about me?  can i be the best, compassionate person i know to be and yet do that?  being present in the midst is what i am called to do...with integrity, intention and peace, i am called to be the best person i can be...embrace the moments of joy, challenge, life and be present in the midst of each moment~

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  1. Well spoken. We can never help from our place of dearth or brokeness. Only as we stay connected to our own Source do we have something to give when life falls apart for others.