Tuesday, May 31, 2011

another day...another post~

well...life has continued to happen and in ways, unexpected...but then again, that's being in the now, isn't it?  so, the studio continues to unfold.  a few snags with the inspector, which interestingly enough, upon his first visit, mentioned he'd not ever seen a restoration done this way...usually, people lift an old building up and place it down upon poured pad.  not this one, though!  K has done an admirable & high-quality job replacing some of those old posts which were slowly (did i mention this building is 100+ yrs old?!) deteriorating...alas! don't we all need  a little lifting up and supporting every now and again getting to 100 yrs?!  yes, indeed, but with support beams and posts replaced with deep posts and concrete, 18 " of soil excavated from underneath to create a good clearance (and make the inspector happy) and soon a vapor barrier down...we're on our way.  while a bit of an adjustment, without installed heat would allow for no needed insulation in the floor, i think i'll choose to add some for comfort and longevity...after, those amazing, old 2x10's will be placed down for 'sub-floor' with some comfortable and workable finished floor--perhaps some of those wonderful, tile...photos to follow...

over the past days, some of the twists and turns have included some health issues...so, now off to see how M is doing with his growing healthier...watching a 'child' no matter the age, with pain, is ever so much harder than carrying that pain oneself...health is returning though and i am ever so grateful~  being in the now, embracing what is, challenging and wonderful...all a part of living life and worth it!  here's to life, lived deeply.

Friday, May 20, 2011

in the beginning...

so...i've thought of beginning a blog for awhile now and yet...time passes, life goes forth, i embrace what i can in the most intentional way.  how does one embrace life in an intentional way?  for me, i like to stay with whatever it is i'm thinking, working at, creating or being with...and yet, of course, as with all of us, the mind wanders, so intentional every moment i am not! 

one might ask why now am i beginning this blog?  well, a dream of mine, one i've been considering, creating drawings of, rethinking and seeking new-to-me items to help create--a place of creative process...it's begun, just a few weeks back now really!  and i've got photos, yes, real, true photos of this evolutionary process!  my beautiful, old 100+yr old carriage house garage is becoming my art studio...well, at this point, it's hard to tell, but the foundation is being worked into something lovely, true, perhaps even level and with all the goodness of a quality craftsperson creating it...several people are instrumental in getting me this far...K, the creative genius who's chosen to take this project on; R, my patient, caring spouse who has turned his energy to dirt-removal for the better part of several days as well as C, my son, who has also moved dirt and incredibly is spared some of this challenge by having many projects of his own but who truly wants me to have this dream come true. thank you each...i am rich~