Friday, March 10, 2017

It's a bright new day. every. day~

It's been a long, flavorful, busy, full time since last i wrote happens every single day to each of us.  Do we note that? it just the high spots or, more often for some, the low spots, we note?  I'd like to start again...share what comes my way as I choose--selecting some things to share from my heart even if it's not every detail...just enough to remind each of us that our lives hold such fullness even during the times of less obvious loveliness.

In the meantime, I've become a of the most amazing joys of my life--one I had no idea would totally sweep me away...maybe I should have been more aware...nah!  Nothing in the world has prepared me for grammie-ness!  These two most amazing little beings have swept me away into their bright, new, joyous world of energy, light & bright eyes...seeing the world from their perspective and with such a love between us!  Warms me even just sitting here typing along with them miles & miles away.  However, just recently, we celebrated the sweet oldest grand's 2nd birthday--all together with the grams and papas & all the rest from daddy's side...last year was mama's side far away, so what a sweet gift to get together and BE...celebrate, love, laugh & play!

The special joy from this time together was richness and continuing to build what we started all those years ago...even with families moving in various directions and yet...coming together to celebrate & love.  We are indeed a sweet family who cares for each other and the world.  Gratitude fills my heart for the richness here...and i seek to share it every day with people i know & those i don't in ways of making the world a kinder, more thoughtful place to live, grow and be~. Peace & love...every. day.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

embracing the process...

the past months have been an evolution of sorts in our of evolving questions and less answers with more questions...seeking, ever seeking to find the next steps in the path.  you see, our youngest son decided, after his first year, that the college he thought was his best place to go...well, the whole thing needs to be on hold for abit at least.  and so...the questions.   his discovery and joy at said institution of learning is not underestimated in the least by this time away--no, really, it's all apart of this process of learning about one's self and, in my experience, that beautiful, sometimes painful journey has various curves, bumps and side trails.

and so...NYC came up in this potentially the answer to all the suggestions and learning up to this point for C.  because, you see, one of the discoveries at college was how very much dance needed to be a continuing focus for him, he now sought to pursue this on a more professional level--hence, NYC!  so, after various (and I mean Various!) conversations over the weeks and months of this summer, we set 'sail' so to speak and settled on plane reservations (one way tickets...), housing to stay while in NYC and a few connections made to create 'the village' for him/us in NYC.  we chose to leave from Portland, OR and rented a car one-way from WW to Portland thus reducing our need to return there to pick up a car plus all the other various reasons to not leave a car at a parking lot for undetermined lengths of time.  having settled into our hotel room there and excitedly looking forward to our next days, we slept to wake to the long-awaited day of departure to NYC!

                     taken by the great photographer/dancer...
                                           on our way to Portland, OR, September 26, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

it is...all about love~

over the past few weeks, I've been privileged to participate in or attend some pretty spectacular celebrations. so, today, when my spouse asked if we were going to another wedding, did make sense.  you see, the past two weekends, we've had these amazing, generous celebrations to embrace--lovely weddings both--so very similar in the love expressed and yet, so very different for other reasons.

after the supreme court decided to recognize the unconstitutionality of not allowing same gender marriages to be seen, from a federal perspective, the same way as opposite gender marriages, many of us were delighted to celebrate an amazing couple's love and relationship of commitment after 20 years of committed, yes, not only did we get to go to celebrate a marriage, but the 20 years together as well as the reality that things are changing.  this change is such a long time coming and touches deep, deep in many of our hearts; yet, I am so grateful to be a part of watching and celebrating this change.

to watch the young people in life honor this change is delightful; however, in truth, many of them have never realized why it's taken some of the rest of us so long to not make an issue of this.  from this openness of perspective comes true love and celebration to realize that one can love another -- just as they are and choose them, yet again, after 20 years, 1 year, 50 years, 3 years...every day...whether one is celebrating life with one of same gender or opposite just doesn't matter.  we are more alike than different...our struggles are more similar than doesn't take from the other ...rather, it is truly, all about love.

so, going last weekend to another loving commitment ceremony of marriage of the lovely young woman I've known since she was 2 was yet another lovely, celebration of love.  the beautiful setting, again, outside, the amazing flowers, trees, landscape...the wonderful food...the happy families....all of those, like me, who celebrated as part of the community who supports...yet again, similar.  the love, the commitment, the excitement and courage...all of this and so much more go into relationships that can continue to "yes" over time...whoever we are, wherever we truly is, all about love.

summer days...

yes, today's one of those very hot, somewhat muggy, summer days...i would prefer the dry heat but alas! it seems to have gone away from what once was a very dry climate.  ah well...gardening still happens--yeah!  and the raspberries seem quite happy all around.  so, what's to complain about really?!  the other evening, in fact, i got to make 17 jars of jam--it was a warm project but the berries were so yummy...fresh strawberries from a local berry farm and even better, red & black raspberries fresh from our very own gardens...lovely!

and so, the process of life continues...questions about what happens after the summer's over for some...for others, back to school or to school for some.  what an exciting time of year it is!  there are possibilities and yet, sometimes, the possibilities can overwhelm and make us wonder if we should just take the next steps of what we know...or should we explore the dreams and possibilities of what might be?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

life, death and all that's in between...

recently, i've been thinking about life, death and new beginnings as my birthday has just passed and  have had several dear friends pass on recently.  just today, when reflecting with another friend about this sadness & loss, i remembered a quote i'd read years back...and gratefully, found it again this evening~

by David Eagleman:  "There are three deaths.  The first is when the body ceases to function.  The second is when the body is consigned to a grave.  The third is that moment, sometime in the future, when your name is spoken for the last time."

recently, a dear friend of many years old, and one i've been privileged to know for but relatively few of those, passed after  decreasing life's ease and viability...her passing has touched me in a very deep way even though i don't wish her back--for her, the breath of life was increasingly hard to come by...who could ask for someone to continue to struggle to breath--ask for them to return to more of that?  however, her passing was a reminder of being connected to all that meaningful and important that much her connection to me meant as well as mine to her~  i am touched as even after she passed, i received a card from her, signed with her infamous initials, in a shaky hand.  at first, not only was i touched by her thoughtfulness, but as i received it posthumously, i felt something more than the usual love from her.  thank you, dear RE.  i am richer for having known you.  

another passing has come more suddenly after an older friend was ill for a fairly brief time.  while his health and again, breath, came with increased difficulty, his recent illness was seemingly from something else so when i heard he'd requested only comfort care, i was deeply saddened.  over the past few weeks, he'd also requested to have only family with him...i feel very fortunate in being able to see him once in early December  though in the hospital and ICU, i had opportunity to hug, love & thank him for his impact and care in my life.  again, i am honored to have had this incredible person loving me in this life.  sadness &, yet, gratitude fills me with the richness of knowing another enough to miss them, love them & mourn them--and yes, remember them~

just having celebrated a lovely holiday time with family & friends, here's my new year's wish...
          may i seek less stuff and more gratitude in my life & world...
               may i share a peacefulness where there's strife, 
                    take time to express gratitude even in the midst of challenge & unrest...
                         offer love &  hope to another--known or unknown--and in that,
                                    make one's burden or challenge a little bit lighter~

                                               being grateful for this fresh gift of a new year.
                                                                   love & best to you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

reflections from the journey...

here i am spending time at the ocean...what a lovely respite after a busy, amazing summer & fall filled with times of emotion, change, joy & mixed tears...but this ocean place is something that often calls me and sometimes, i can answer, 'yes'.  so, happily, here i am--in the midst of the rain, change of season that October brings-- the fallen leaves, the ocean's storminess, the rain falling on the skylights of my little house...all part of the times.  today, i had the rich opportunity of seeing several deer out my upstairs window...walking on the golf course which my backyard touches...they were so gentle, quiet and relaxed even the midst of their surroundings where sometimes people hit balls all over, walk with golf bags on their shoulders and even take their game very were these lovely creatures, folding their legs into their resting pose to wait and watch--the rain, the day or to nap.

i find that as i'm here in the midst of a rainier time, i read more, relax more, feel less of the expectation to get out to "do something"...which, is, after all, the whole point of this time...and yet, it takes the weather being less welcoming for me to 'stay in'...and that's okay.  perhaps, from this time, even when here later with different weather, i'll remember, reflect and even then reach for the restfulness of this time.  i hope so.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


lots of amazing, wonderful, sometimes-challenging, changes are happening for me...that feeling of  "wow! what do i do now?" has come over me numerous times in the few weeks.  our youngest son headed off to college, and frankly, i know it's been a bit more challenging for all of us--more than we'd anticipated; however, the good news is that for the most part, he's happy and doing well which means his mama is too!  weird how that works!  as individuals, the parental units are doing well; however, the unfolding of newness continues as his dad & i are really alone for the first time ever as i came into this relationship with two other small, amazing boys...we're finding our way, some days with more success than others, but we are--which is good.

another wonderful, amazing happening is a wedding for our oldest son next weekend. such a joyous time for all of us!  his fiancee is a beautiful person--inside & out--and well-matched to this terrific young man. we are all very happy for them~  it's fun planning, anticipating, getting ready, choosing this & that, clothing & shoes, decor for every event--the process has been very enjoyable even on crazy days of too much to do!  all of this will take place a couple of hours away in the mountains with incredible beauty surrounding so very little extra is needed.  setting: ranch, grasses, mountains, blue sky--a lovely red barn and mess hall compliment the tall pines and wild flowers--just perfect!  yes. it will be a very special day with all those nearest & dearest to the two whose love & commitment we all celebrate.

life has a funny way of taking us along -- we can choose to embrace each of the events in our lives, participate in and be a part of the happenings, or we can passively muddle our way along without paying attention--still, life moves on. i choose & am grateful to be an intentional participant in life.   Yes!