Tuesday, October 15, 2013

embracing the process...

the past months have been an evolution of sorts in our house...one of evolving questions and less answers with more questions...seeking, ever seeking to find the next steps in the path.  you see, our youngest son decided, after his first year, that the college he thought was his best place to go...well, the whole thing needs to be on hold for abit at least.  and so...the questions.   his discovery and joy at said institution of learning is not underestimated in the least by this time away--no, really, it's all apart of this process of learning about one's self and, in my experience, that beautiful, sometimes painful journey has various curves, bumps and side trails.

and so...NYC came up in this equation...as potentially the answer to all the suggestions and learning up to this point for C.  because, you see, one of the discoveries at college was how very much dance needed to be a continuing focus for him, he now sought to pursue this on a more professional level--hence, NYC!  so, after various (and I mean Various!) conversations over the weeks and months of this summer, we set 'sail' so to speak and settled on plane reservations (one way tickets...), housing to stay while in NYC and a few connections made to create 'the village' for him/us in NYC.  we chose to leave from Portland, OR and rented a car one-way from WW to Portland thus reducing our need to return there to pick up a car plus all the other various reasons to not leave a car at a parking lot for undetermined lengths of time.  having settled into our hotel room there and excitedly looking forward to our next days, we slept to wake to the long-awaited day of departure to NYC!

                     taken by the great photographer/dancer...
                                           on our way to Portland, OR, September 26, 2013

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  1. Life is nothing at all if it is not an adventure. Have a wonderfilled time, all of you! Many blessings for your journey.