Friday, March 10, 2017

It's a bright new day. every. day~

It's been a long, flavorful, busy, full time since last i wrote happens every single day to each of us.  Do we note that? it just the high spots or, more often for some, the low spots, we note?  I'd like to start again...share what comes my way as I choose--selecting some things to share from my heart even if it's not every detail...just enough to remind each of us that our lives hold such fullness even during the times of less obvious loveliness.

In the meantime, I've become a of the most amazing joys of my life--one I had no idea would totally sweep me away...maybe I should have been more aware...nah!  Nothing in the world has prepared me for grammie-ness!  These two most amazing little beings have swept me away into their bright, new, joyous world of energy, light & bright eyes...seeing the world from their perspective and with such a love between us!  Warms me even just sitting here typing along with them miles & miles away.  However, just recently, we celebrated the sweet oldest grand's 2nd birthday--all together with the grams and papas & all the rest from daddy's side...last year was mama's side far away, so what a sweet gift to get together and BE...celebrate, love, laugh & play!

The special joy from this time together was richness and continuing to build what we started all those years ago...even with families moving in various directions and yet...coming together to celebrate & love.  We are indeed a sweet family who cares for each other and the world.  Gratitude fills my heart for the richness here...and i seek to share it every day with people i know & those i don't in ways of making the world a kinder, more thoughtful place to live, grow and be~. Peace & love...every. day.