Saturday, July 13, 2013

summer days...

yes, today's one of those very hot, somewhat muggy, summer days...i would prefer the dry heat but alas! it seems to have gone away from what once was a very dry climate.  ah well...gardening still happens--yeah!  and the raspberries seem quite happy all around.  so, what's to complain about really?!  the other evening, in fact, i got to make 17 jars of jam--it was a warm project but the berries were so yummy...fresh strawberries from a local berry farm and even better, red & black raspberries fresh from our very own gardens...lovely!

and so, the process of life continues...questions about what happens after the summer's over for some...for others, back to school or to school for some.  what an exciting time of year it is!  there are possibilities and yet, sometimes, the possibilities can overwhelm and make us wonder if we should just take the next steps of what we know...or should we explore the dreams and possibilities of what might be?

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