Sunday, December 30, 2012

life, death and all that's in between...

recently, i've been thinking about life, death and new beginnings as my birthday has just passed and  have had several dear friends pass on recently.  just today, when reflecting with another friend about this sadness & loss, i remembered a quote i'd read years back...and gratefully, found it again this evening~

by David Eagleman:  "There are three deaths.  The first is when the body ceases to function.  The second is when the body is consigned to a grave.  The third is that moment, sometime in the future, when your name is spoken for the last time."

recently, a dear friend of many years old, and one i've been privileged to know for but relatively few of those, passed after  decreasing life's ease and viability...her passing has touched me in a very deep way even though i don't wish her back--for her, the breath of life was increasingly hard to come by...who could ask for someone to continue to struggle to breath--ask for them to return to more of that?  however, her passing was a reminder of being connected to all that meaningful and important that much her connection to me meant as well as mine to her~  i am touched as even after she passed, i received a card from her, signed with her infamous initials, in a shaky hand.  at first, not only was i touched by her thoughtfulness, but as i received it posthumously, i felt something more than the usual love from her.  thank you, dear RE.  i am richer for having known you.  

another passing has come more suddenly after an older friend was ill for a fairly brief time.  while his health and again, breath, came with increased difficulty, his recent illness was seemingly from something else so when i heard he'd requested only comfort care, i was deeply saddened.  over the past few weeks, he'd also requested to have only family with him...i feel very fortunate in being able to see him once in early December  though in the hospital and ICU, i had opportunity to hug, love & thank him for his impact and care in my life.  again, i am honored to have had this incredible person loving me in this life.  sadness &, yet, gratitude fills me with the richness of knowing another enough to miss them, love them & mourn them--and yes, remember them~

just having celebrated a lovely holiday time with family & friends, here's my new year's wish...
          may i seek less stuff and more gratitude in my life & world...
               may i share a peacefulness where there's strife, 
                    take time to express gratitude even in the midst of challenge & unrest...
                         offer love &  hope to another--known or unknown--and in that,
                                    make one's burden or challenge a little bit lighter~

                                               being grateful for this fresh gift of a new year.
                                                                   love & best to you.

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  1. Dearest Brenda, I love the sincerity of your thoughts, and how sweetly you love others. I am so glad to know you, and am so very grateful to have "bumped" into you last week. You were on a short list of two lovely women I needed to go visit. After having the flu, the day that you saw me was the first day I was out and about, and so it was such a happy coincidence to see you! Hugs to you, for your birthday, and for the new year. Hope to catch up again soon. xoxo