Tuesday, October 23, 2012

reflections from the journey...

here i am spending time at the ocean...what a lovely respite after a busy, amazing summer & fall filled with times of emotion, change, joy & mixed tears...but this ocean place is something that often calls me and sometimes, i can answer, 'yes'.  so, happily, here i am--in the midst of the rain, change of season that October brings-- the fallen leaves, the ocean's storminess, the rain falling on the skylights of my little house...all part of the times.  today, i had the rich opportunity of seeing several deer out my upstairs window...walking on the golf course which my backyard touches...they were so gentle, quiet and relaxed even the midst of their surroundings where sometimes people hit balls all over, walk with golf bags on their shoulders and even take their game very seriously...here were these lovely creatures, folding their legs into their resting pose to wait and watch--the rain, the day or to nap.

i find that as i'm here in the midst of a rainier time, i read more, relax more, feel less of the expectation to get out to "do something"...which, is, after all, the whole point of this time...and yet, it takes the weather being less welcoming for me to 'stay in'...and that's okay.  perhaps, from this time, even when here later with different weather, i'll remember, reflect and even then reach for the restfulness of this time.  i hope so.

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  1. Somehow, your posts didn't get into my list to read. Just did catch up on your summer, son to college, son to wed, and you with the salt air. What a good time to let the stillness creep back in. Blessings to you!