Saturday, September 8, 2012


lots of amazing, wonderful, sometimes-challenging, changes are happening for me...that feeling of  "wow! what do i do now?" has come over me numerous times in the few weeks.  our youngest son headed off to college, and frankly, i know it's been a bit more challenging for all of us--more than we'd anticipated; however, the good news is that for the most part, he's happy and doing well which means his mama is too!  weird how that works!  as individuals, the parental units are doing well; however, the unfolding of newness continues as his dad & i are really alone for the first time ever as i came into this relationship with two other small, amazing boys...we're finding our way, some days with more success than others, but we are--which is good.

another wonderful, amazing happening is a wedding for our oldest son next weekend. such a joyous time for all of us!  his fiancee is a beautiful person--inside & out--and well-matched to this terrific young man. we are all very happy for them~  it's fun planning, anticipating, getting ready, choosing this & that, clothing & shoes, decor for every event--the process has been very enjoyable even on crazy days of too much to do!  all of this will take place a couple of hours away in the mountains with incredible beauty surrounding so very little extra is needed.  setting: ranch, grasses, mountains, blue sky--a lovely red barn and mess hall compliment the tall pines and wild flowers--just perfect!  yes. it will be a very special day with all those nearest & dearest to the two whose love & commitment we all celebrate.

life has a funny way of taking us along -- we can choose to embrace each of the events in our lives, participate in and be a part of the happenings, or we can passively muddle our way along without paying attention--still, life moves on. i choose & am grateful to be an intentional participant in life.   Yes!

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