Tuesday, May 31, 2011

another day...another post~

well...life has continued to happen and in ways, unexpected...but then again, that's being in the now, isn't it?  so, the studio continues to unfold.  a few snags with the inspector, which interestingly enough, upon his first visit, mentioned he'd not ever seen a restoration done this way...usually, people lift an old building up and place it down upon poured pad.  not this one, though!  K has done an admirable & high-quality job replacing some of those old posts which were slowly (did i mention this building is 100+ yrs old?!) deteriorating...alas! don't we all need  a little lifting up and supporting every now and again getting to 100 yrs?!  yes, indeed, but with support beams and posts replaced with deep posts and concrete, 18 " of soil excavated from underneath to create a good clearance (and make the inspector happy) and soon a vapor barrier down...we're on our way.  while a bit of an adjustment, without installed heat would allow for no needed insulation in the floor, i think i'll choose to add some for comfort and longevity...after, those amazing, old 2x10's will be placed down for 'sub-floor' with some comfortable and workable finished floor--perhaps some of those wonderful, tile...photos to follow...

over the past days, some of the twists and turns have included some health issues...so, now off to see how M is doing with his growing healthier...watching a 'child' no matter the age, with pain, is ever so much harder than carrying that pain oneself...health is returning though and i am ever so grateful~  being in the now, embracing what is, challenging and wonderful...all a part of living life and worth it!  here's to life, lived deeply.

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