Tuesday, June 14, 2011

what a wonderful day of discovery...!

tuesday...life is full and busy with another successful inspection on the art studio named Louise--a wonderful name that still makes me smile!  i'm seeking lights for my new space...have spent time looking at warehouse/barn lights with large galvanized shades...seems to be just the right touch for the space which is unfolding.  today we got the treated lumber to enclose the 18" space we created by digging, digging, digging for a crawl space considered code-worthy.  it would provide space for many creatures--those i don't want as well, so enclosing with ventilation is the next step.  all this practical stuff is needed and i love how it's being created by K...amazing work!  after all the bumbling to get started with this project, i have a huge sense of peace knowing i  have someone of such quality and ability creating this place of creativity and joy. so, my job is to make sure the other pieces are ready and in place to continue the process as seamlessly as possible...electric install next and insulation following.  after that, it may be a bit until the next phase happens as K tends to prior commitments with his fence-building business. 

with sun shining, the atmosphere and warmth are just right for creating & gardening...after our rain and cooler weather, it might take abit for us to feel too warm, but my garden is smiling--in fact, i have small green pear tomatoes!  weirdly enough, i also have a blossom on an eggplant from last year...how that came through the winter, i don't know, but it's a strange & wonderful serendipity!  i'm loving gardening again this year--always something new to see, discover, move, weed, trim and dead-head!  i am always moved by the process of how some dirt, sunshine, water and seeds along with special energy create this amazing color in life...lovely indeed!  i am so grateful to be a part of it~

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