Thursday, June 23, 2011

today i choose intention

i've been reminded, lately, again, of how little i control...yes, i know, that's something i run from...being controlled, but of course, being on the other end of it, sometimes works really in health issues...building projects...and even on occasion, life!  of late, someone dear, one of my 3sons, has had some ongoing health concerns and wow!  what a reminder of being out of control...this mama doesn't always do well with that one when it has anything to do with her sons no matter what their age!  amazing how much that "mama tiger" wants to come out and be present and active--certainly not just standing by, mind you!  nevertheless, i consciously seek to live with intention--to live fully, actively and peacefully, all at one time--for me, that is intentional living.  being present, paying attention, listening to that internal nudge and acting on it intentionally.  that can mean loving, watching, supporting and lovingly, letting others do what they need to because it is their life and that's how i choose to love and live with intention too. 

when i was young, i often felt over-protected, sheltered & controlled, if you will, by the parental units.  now, mind you, i also know the best of intention was behind all of this; nevertheless, as i grew and became more who i was, i needed the freedom to explore, try and find my such, as a parent later on, i have chosen to seek that sort of parenting with my own children and certainly, at their ages now, i so appreciate the relationship we've grown of loving trust between son/mother as well as a special friendship.  i am rich with appreciation for this gift in my life and grateful for the awareness of its presence. 
                                          today...i, again, choose intention~

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
 Mahatma Gandhi

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